Available Now!!!

2012/02/11 UTC -8 9:19 PM

Geomaze is available in Android Market and Appstore!

Geomaze is now available in the Android Market and the AppStore!  Check it out:


Geomaze is a mind-training game, as the name indicates, Geomaze contains mazes based upon real street mazes around the world. It is sure that it will help you to know the most basic infrastructure of the cities and countries around you.
Geomaze is planned and developed by Corona SDK(software development kit),one of the best application development software around. People have used Corona to program over 35,000,000 smart-phone apps and games for the Android os and of course, the well known and beloved iOS. Almost all of the 35 million applications that are on the markets at the moment are great apps, while now, Geomaze will be one of them. We expect that its performance, as well as its gameplay, will be as superior as the ones that have fulfilled the Corona miracle, and prove that it is worthy of getting this app.
This app features:
* Canadian 13-leveled Pack
Since this is our first app, please handle with consideration. Behind-the-scene slide-shows and the USA Level Pack will be added as the time goes by.